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Csaba Polgár




Born in 1982, Csaba Polgár graduated from the Academy of Drama and Film in 2007, and he has been a member of the Örkény István Theatre since 2007. He holds the Junior Prima Prize (2011). This young artist is a defining figure of his generation, both as an actor and a director. He seems to break new ground as a director by staging classical plays with a strong contemporary vision, combining tradition with an original and deeply spiritual sensibility. His direction of Coriolanus by Brecht received the Critics’ Award for Best Alternative Performance and several invitations to tour internationally. Ever since, Polgár has received many invitations to direct internationally. Besides the Örkény Theatre, he also acts and directs with the Hoppart Company, an independent group made up of actors who graduated from the same class, of which he is a member. He has appeared in several leading and supporting parts at the Örkény Theatre. His present roles: Józsi (Catsplay, István Örkény); Philip Falconbridge, the bastard (King John,  Friedrich Dürrenmatt ); Charles Aznavour Impersonator (Two Little Ladies Head North, Pierre Notte); Rodolpho (A View from the Bridge, Arthur Miller); Cléante Coulommiers (The Imaginary Invalid, Molière); Hamlet (Hamlet, Shakespeare); Leicester (Mary Stuart, Friedrich Schiller); and Doctor Adler (Professor Bernhardi, Arthur Schnizler).