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Éva Kerekes


 kereskes éva

Born in 1966, Éva Kerekes graduated from the Academy of Drama and Film in 1988. Since the beginning of her career, she has played leading roles in all genres, and she has worked as a contract player at several theatres. Kerekes brings a special sensitivity to her work and a quality that is always original, capable of portraying many shades of femininity. She has been a member of the Örkény István Theatre since its foundation in 2004, and she holds several professional and state awards, the most important being the Jászai Mari Prize (1991), Mensáros Award (2005), Best Actress at the National Theatre Festival at Pécs (2002, 2006), and Artist of Merit (2009). Present roles at the Örkény Theatre: Mousie (Catsplay, István Örkény); Mama Ubu (Ubu Rex, Alfred Jarry); and Dorine (Tartuffe, Molière).