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Judit Pogány




Born in 1944, Judit Pogány has had a long, unbroken, and successful career, combining professional experience and a profound knowledge of life. She began her career at the legendary regional theatre in Kaposvár, the birthplace of a new theatrical language in Hungary in the 70s and 80s. She has been a member of the Örkény István Theatre since its foundation in 2004. She has performed in all genres and in several films, which brought her fame and international recognition as well. She has even lent her voice to numerous wonderful cartoon characters. Pogány holds several professional and state awards, the most important being the Jászai Mari Prize (1978), Medal of Merit for Children’s Work (1984), Artist of Merit (1987), Best Actress at the National Theatre Festival at Pécs (1997), Main Prize at the 3rd Biennial of Theatre for Children and Young Adults (2006); the Kossuth Prize (2008); and Best Supporting Actress  (1972). Her film awards include the Golden Lion for Best Actress at the Venice Biennale. Present roles at the Örkény Theatre: Fairy (The Fairy Who Could See in Dark, László Bagossy); Mrs. Orbán (Catsplay, István Örkény); Queen Elinor and Lord Essex (King John, Friedrich Dürrenmatt); Ariel (The Tempest, Shakespeare); Mariska (The Toth Family, István Örkény); Gravedigger’s Companion and Second Actor (Hamlet, Shakespeare); Talbot (Mary Stuart, Friedrich Schiller); and Mme Pernelle (Tartuffe, Molière).