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Attila Epres

Attila Epres (1963) graduated from the Academy of Drama and Film in 1986. He played numerous important roles while being a company member in several regional theatres as well as Budapest theatres, like the Vidám Színpad, Egri Gárdonyi Géza Theatre, Kecskeméti Katona József Theatre, Szolnoki Szigligeti Theatre, Zalaegerszegi Hevesi Sándor Theatre, and the Vígszínház. He joined the Örkény Theatre in 2011. His important roles in the past include: Rodolpho – La bohème by Aki Kaurismäki, Alfieri – A View from the Bridge by Arthur Miller, Maksim Kuzmich Varravin and Captain Polutatarinov – The Death of Tarelkin by Alexander Sukhovo-Kobylin, Helsig – Blue Angel by Heinrich Mann, Doctor Boursin – Le Malade imaginaire by Molière. His present roles on the repertoire include: Trinculo – The Tempest by W. Shakespeare, Mayor – The Toth Family by István Örkény, Doctor Winkler – Professor Bernhardi by A. Schnitzler, Diggerdriver – Diggerdrájver, Charley – Death of a Salesman by A. Miller, Kuligin – Three Sisters by A. P. Chekov. His awards include the following: Kazinczy Award (1981), Radó Award (2000), Jászai Mari Award (2002), Ajtay Andor Commemorative Award (2005), Ruttkai Éva Commemorative Ring (2008), Harsányi Zsolt Commemorative Award (2010), Friends of the Örkény Theatre Award (2011). He also acted in some important Hungarian films.