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Csoda and Kósza

by Zoltán Czigány



Csoda and Kósza live on a farm in Gödöllő, near Budapest. At first sight, they look ordinary horses, owned by Uncle Sajó and Aunt Gyöngyi.  But do normal horses make pizza for a minister, or make a journey to Mars if they feel like it?
In the characters of the foolish Kósza and the more rational Csoda, Zoltán Czigány's tale re-creates the eternal pair, which parents might recognize as the Lolka and Bolka combo from their generation, or grandparents as the Stan and Pan duo from their own. 
Running time: 1 hour with no intermission
Premeire: 24 November, 2013




live radio play




Csaba  Debreczeny

István Ficza

László Gálffi

Viktória Kerekes

Zsolt Máthé

Milán Vajda

Judit Pogány

István Znamenák
Árpád Kákonyi



Directed by Pál Mácsai


Dramaturg: Ádám Fekete



A performance for children and young people from age 7 till 15. We recommend this performance for elementary school pupils.



Fotó: Gordon Eszter








csés k kicsi3




First of all, Csoda and Kósza, the performance for children at Örkény István Theatre, brings to mind the question of taste. Pál Mácsai’s handling is impeccable – visually, vocally and in its entirety. In fact, Csoda and Kósza is as many productions as there are audience members.  Once engaged, each person’s imagination animates the story heard onstage differently. Yes, heard – and only heard. The actors represent Zoltán Czigány’s two tales (featuring two ponies who live in a shed on a farm close to Budapest and whose daily lives have a somewhat uncommon intensity) in voices. (That is to say, it is a “voice play” with special emphasis on both words.) Still, this is not completely true. The actors’ gestures and body language are quite visual – scaled-down just enough to nudge, push and assist in bringing the unfolding story before the mind’s eyes of the spectators.   

István Ugrai / 7óra7



csoda és kósza plakát



by András Baranyai




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