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Death of a Salesman

by Arthur Miller


translated by Kornél Hamvai

Willy Loman László Gálffi 
Linda Éva Kerekes 
Biff Áron Molnár 
Happy István Ficza 
Bernard Márton Patkós 
Woman Viktória Kerekes 
Charley Attila Epres 
Uncle Ben  Imre Csuja 
Howard Wagner Béla Dóra 
Stanley Máté Novkov 
Miss Forsythe Tünde Kókai 

Dramaturg: Barbara Ari-Nagy 
Set and costume designer: Eszter Kálmán 
Music by: Mátyás Egervári, Árpád Kákonyi 

Prompter: Zita Kanizsay 

Stage manager:  Eszter Sós 

Assistant to the director: Péter Tóth 

Director: Pál 

Willy Loman spends an increasing amount of time in the past, on the border of fantasy and reality. He no longer earns money, and there are no reserves. His sons are good-for-nothing layabouts with big plans that he himself planted in their heads. He also had big plans – money, praise and happiness – but all it amounted to was 300 monthly instalments on the bank’s payment plan. Dreams remained dreams – and they devoured the little future that remained.

Premiere: 3 June, 2016


"Gálffi plays the man of the house, whose life is a lie from beginning to end. He pursues (even on the day of his death) the grand dream he has instilled in his sons – that he could get somewhere, rise above the rest and live comfortably, having earned fame, riches and esteem. But not at all! He is simply a salesman, a cog in the machinery, who must toil from dawn till dusk, desperately trying to pay off his debts. Then, when he is hopelessly worn out (less in body than in soul), the young boss, whom he remembers as a child, dismisses him.

Mácsai ’s direction is not sentimental; he does not want us to be moved. He does not want us to be able to cry, just as Loman’s wife cannot, even at his funeral. He wants us to see clearly how the world operates with its pitiless ″survival of the fittest”. Still, there must be something to cling to. Confronting ourselves and others without constructing a false self-image, realising how we are truly seen by those around us, gazing into the mirror – the result is a cleverly rational acting style that leads us to the tragedy, step by logical step."

Gábor Bóta/Népszava


ułgynołk 2

by Zoltán Csordás 


Performance trailer:

The trailer was made by: Ákos Badits and Balázs István Balázs

Open rehearsal:

The trailer was made by: Mascot Visual Workshop

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