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Youth Division and Creative Workshop


As we enter adolescence, our curiosity and rebellious instincts provide vast and irreclaimable potential. This transitional period is often baffling, sometimes chaotic, but it is when our creativity and our inner urge to question and seek answers are strongest. We could even say that this is when we are most talented... One of IRAM’s goals is to pose questions in an artistic manner during this especially impressionable time and to provide stories and realisations in the quest for answers. We wish to show that theatre is a place where, for an entire life, the viewer can encounter something of what is generally lost when we become adults.

Launched in recent years, IRAM (Youth Division and Creative Workshop) has put theatre to work. More than 1300 youths have participated in its programs, with the cooperation of staff from practically all aspects of theatre. This season, IRAM has initiated an even broader range of activities with theatre playing an integral role.

The focus of our method is a deeper appreciation of the atre (this millennia-old social and artistic phenomenon) and the development of “how to see” from a theatrical perspective. Our main artistic goal is to spur imagination and creative vision, since anything could come of that.

If a theatre provides space for the public – if it offers them active participation through conversations, involvement or even draws them into creative processes – then it fills a fundamental societal function. It works as a social forum, where issues that have a significant bearing on the viewers’ lives come under examination.

In our time, among countless influences, we must remain open – and young people must become open – to receive and embrace experiences of a textured, more complicated nature. We assist in this. Content-wise, the programs are tied to our productions, but they always concentrate on personal involvement. This results in the development of a theatrical sensibility, responsiveness to the world and communication skills, as well as the spirit, inclination and ability to participate actively in every sphere of life. We consider it our task to strengthen young people’s originality, independent thinking, experience formation and instinct for creative work.

Júlia Neudold,
IRAM Workshop Leader


Facing the Gap - The Facing the Gap project aims to develop and advocate the use of arts in youth work. The project sees the importance of opening spaces through artistic creation where young people have the freedom to face the burning problems of our times and reach new understandings, to take responsibility for their thoughts and action.

The partnership created from organizations from the UK, Malta, Hungary and China builds on similarities of methodology and theoretical background and the common wish to develop and spread this methodology.

We are open to collaborate with international groups and/or theatre youth programmes abroad, to prepare and develop youth exchanges, training courses, seminars and conferences using theatre methods and improvisation.