The text of the performance is based on the blog of the Diggerdriver and was edited by László Bagossy and Attila Epres
Date of presentation: 2015.05.09.


poster designer

plan: Levente Bagossy

“I’m a heavy machine operator. More commonly: an excavator. Here in London: a digger driver. My language skills are barely above basic. 
I din't come here to try my luck, but to insure a better life for my eight-year-old child and to earn a decent wage for myself. 

I could have vegetated the rest of my life till retirement. 
After all, my job was certain. I'd reached the top of my field. 
Then, as the years went by, there was less and less in my shopping basket, and I had to pay more and more for it. 
A sort of hopelessness and lethargy settled in the country, which was downright smothering. 
When someone leaves his home, it’s like when he leaves the woman he stammered out ‘I do’ for, who somehow after the divorce becomes a stupid whore.
There are calm divorces and endlessly bitter ones.
Afterwards, though, we like to see ourselves as used-and-abused victims, and we love to tell everyone about it...”

The music used in the performance is by SoNaR (www.sonarmusic.hu)


The performance runs in one part, duration:  ca. 100 mins

The performance was supported by the Municipality of the 7th district.

Epres Attila

Bagossy László
Ari-Nagy Barbara
Angol felirat
Patrick Mullowney
Bagossy Levente
Frank Mónika
Rendezőasszisztens, ügyelő, súgó
Mészáros Csilla