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Peer Gynt at the Örkény Theatre

Rehearsals of Henrik Ibsen’s Peer Gynt have already begun at the Örkény Theatre. The performance, which will premiere on March 17, 2012, is directed by Tamás Ascher.


Peer Gynt is a good-for-nothing lad in the habit of seducing girls and amusing the village people with his unbelievable stories. After abducting the bride from a wedding ceremony, he has to flee the family’s wrath. He ends up falling asleep in the forest, and his dream is a life-long journey from the underground goblin kingdom, through the desert and to the insane asylum. Adrift and wandering, he struggles to find his way back. Whenever he feels he is finding himself, he gets lost time and again. By the end of his journey, approaching old age, he finally realizes that he has always been escaping from what he has, in fact, been seeking.




The Amadinda music group and the Örkény István Theatre announce a three-part family

concert series titled Drumbeat.


Part 1: Getting familiar with the percussions - 16 October, 2011, 11:00 and 15:30

Part 2: The age of ragtime 13 November, 2011, 11:00 and 15:30

Part 3: Music of the continents – 11 December, 2011, 11:00 and 15:30


Tickets are on sale in two categories for all dates and times:

Parquet, row 1-10: 1800.- HUF

Parquet, row 11-16: 1300.- HUF


Those who buy tickets for all 3 parts of the series get a free child’s ticket for the Budakeszi

Deer-park. The coupons for free entry can be picked up before the concert of 16 October.

We ask you to bring all three tickets for the whole series with you this time only. You can buy your tickets for the series from 14 September at the Ticket Office and the Box office of the Örkény Színház and also through the theatre’s website, as well as at Ticket Offices in the city.

Awards of the hungarian theatre critics


The Guild of Theatre Critics handed out their annual awards on 25 September, 2011. We are glad to announce that our performance of King John by Friedrich Dürrenmatt garnered two awards from its four nominations. The award for best direction went to László Bagossy, and the award for best costume went to Kristina Ignjatovic.

Kriszta Bíró got a special award for the creation of the performance womanWEST, and Csaba Polgár’s direction of Korijolánusz got the award for  best independent performance. We congratulate all the prize holders!


The first common platform of Budapest’s three leading theatres
10-13 February 2011

Three leading theatres in Budapest present nine of their best productions in English to international programmers, theatre experts and critics. In their four-day intense programme the Katona József Theatre, the National Theatre’s new management and the young Örkény Theatre offer a selection of their best productions with strong international appeal with English surtitles or simultaneous translation.

In today’s Hungary plays like Mein Kampf by George Tabori or Brecht’s Arturo Ui, as well Hunting Scenes from Lower Bavaria by Martin Sperr gain special significance, while productions directed by Tamás Ascher (Ivanovand Shockheaded Peter), Viktor Bodó (Rattled and Disappeared) or Andrei Serban (Three Sisters) among others also present some of the best work of the past few years.

Further programmes include a presentation of each company, rehearsed readings and rehearsals of new Hungarian plays in English, as well as informal discussions with Cross-Section’s fifty guests arriving from most European countries, but also Australia and the US.


Further information: Anna Lengyel

hungariancrosssection@gmail.com or  alengyel@yahoo.com